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SAVVY features exciting dishes from around the world, from East to West. Our talented chefs hail from Thailand, India and Indonesia, with their authentic Asian cuisines enticing appetites. Savour flavours at SAVVY!

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Tom Yum Kung

Served with a beautiful syphon setup, guest can savour a heart-warming bowl of hot and sour soup with a more complex and full-bodied flavour.

Indian Curry Thali Set

Presented beautifully on a traditional crescent plate, the curry is served with freshly homemade hot buttered naan, created by our native Indian Chef.
Otak Otak

Wrapped in banana leaves and coated with spices, the grilled fishcake is light yet savoury and is especially delicious when eaten with the accompanying peanut sauce.

Boston Lobster Tom Yum Kung with Thai Noodles

Fresh from Canada, our Boston lobsters are fresh and delicious. Our chef adds lemongrass, galangal, coconut milk and chili for the Tom Yum Kung base, alongside with fine Thai noodles for an irresistible dish.