The Venue

Threaded together of three different zones, including a Bar, Lounge and Restaurant, each featuring distinctive character, SAVVY offers a respite from the city’s hustle for an epicurean experience in the heart of the city’s busiest commercial hub. Two private dining rooms featuring state-of-the-art amenities are ideal for business gatherings, celebratory occasions and exclusive feasts.

The chic ceiling design of the bar illuminates SAVVY’s entrance, enticing guests for a quick lunch, alongside evenings in its contemporary setting serving spirits, wines, barrel-aged cocktails and an extensive selection of whiskies.

Garden-like and bright, the lounge – resembling the cosiness of a dessert parlour – plays host to a beautiful ensemble of cakes and pastries displayed on the dessert trolley, as well as afternoon high tea presentations for both adult and young guests created by Pastry Chef Jeff Lo.


Within the restaurant, patrons can sit comfortably and enjoy close-up views of the action behind the open kitchen specialising in Chinese, Asian and western dishes. Grilled signatures including Australian Wagyu Beef Steak, Lobster Tom Yum Kung Rice Noodles, Coconut Beef ‘Rendang’, and Tiger Prawns are perfect options for relaxed dining or family-style sharing. The lunch offering, from Monday to Friday, includes appetisers from the cold table with a main course to order and a dessert from SAVVY’ s trolley.


Two convertible private dining rooms are available, one featuring an exclusive private kitchen and Teppan Chef table, while the other offers sophisticated theatre through renowned Le Petit Chef.


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